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Also known as Coriolus versicolor and Polyporus versicolor – is a common polypore mushroom found throughout the world. Meaning 'of several colors', versicolor reliably describes this fungus that displays a variety of colors. For example, because its shape and multiple colors are similar to those of a wild turkey.


Is considered safe for use as an adjuvant therapy for cancer treatment in Japan where it is known as kawaratake (roof tile mushroom) and approved for clinical use.

Possible Health benefits:

1 - Packed With Antioxidants

2 - Contains Immune-Boosting Polysaccharopeptides

      Krestin (PSK) and Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) are two types of polysaccharopeptides          found in turkey tails (8Trusted Source).

      Both PSK and PSP possess powerful immune-boosting properties.

      They promote immune response by both activating and inhibiting specific types of

      immune cells and by suppressing inflammation.

3 - May Improve Immune Function in People With Certain Cancers

4 - May Enhance the Efficacy of Certain Cancer Treatments

      Due to the many beneficial compounds it contains, turkey tail is commonly used in

      tandem with traditional treatments like chemotherapy as a natural way to fight certain


5 - May Enhance Gut Health

      Keeping a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut is critical for maintaining a

      strong immune system.

Turkey Tail

100 Grams
  • Due to its slightly leathery texture, turkey tail is typically consumed in powdered form.

    In many cultures, the turkey tail mushroom appears in soups or teas that are consumed to support and regulate the immune system and improve overall health and wellness.

    With a mild taste that some describe as slightly sweet, turkey tail powder is an easy ingredient to mix into a main dish, snack, dessert, or beverage of your choice. In the winter, stir it into bone broth, soup, oatmeal or hot tea; in the summer, feel free to blend it with a smoothie or even whisk it into a salad dressing.

  • Currently pickup only at the Ilderton Farmers Market until November.
    Farm pickup possible upon request.

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